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Excellent Site. I love it and I will definately recommend it to my other friends.
Keep up the good work.

Mitra <>
USA Wednesday, October 2, 2002 at 23:23:45
hi the site is good especially since i hv spent better parts of my years in mumbai. i do love to cook and i do hope that u keep the good work up. Sridhar <>
Chennai - Tamilnadu - India
Wednesday, October 2, 2002 at 23:16:56
hello there,i am greatly impressed with the recipes i have found in this site.i like fast food like sev puri,dahi puri and all chaats.i found everything here.this is the best site for recipes ever visited by me.plz mail me special recipes at above email address
Smita Balani <>
Mumbai - Maharashtra - India
Tuesday, September 24, 2002 at 06:01:23
Dear Aamchi Mumbai,
Great! Simply great... I love cooking different dishes.. and your site is a boon. I appreciate the way you have catagorised all the main dishes and wish to see some more. Thanks a lot for creating such a lovely site for visitors like us who live away from their country.

Vaishali Deshpande <>
Dubai - UAE
Wednesday, September 18, 2002 at 08:05:08
Today is ganesh chaturthi, & i wanted to prepare modak...wherelse cud i go but amchi mumbai...yes i got the traditional recipe for modak. thanks a lot, being here in USA i cook maharastrian food..thank once again for ur easy recipes.
Rajashree <>
Pittsburgh - PA - USA
Monday, September 9, 2002 at 08:55:53
Hi, Great site..I am happy I bumped into your site. For people like us living away from home your site is a VERY good refer with the exact quantities etc mentioned in each recipe...I have tried some of your recipies going to experiment on Modak tomorrow please wish me luck.
Madhuri <>
Singapore - Monday, September 9, 2002 at 07:47:24
Excellent site.I am trying out your recepies one by one. Keep up your good work.By the way How to make goda masala?
Kala Chandra <>
Singapore - Thursday, August 22, 2002 at 03:59:44
Hey! I am a South Indian, but like to try all kinds of dishes. I was looking for a site which would give easy methods for cooking maharashtrian food.and I think my quest ended with this site. Thanks a lot
Mumbai - Maharashtra - India
Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 05:13:32
Hi, This is really a very good site. I think there r hardly any sites specially dedicated to maharashtrian dishes. I tried Soralichya Wadya from ur site for the first time and really came out very good. Thanx. The site is really helpful and reminds special dishes of my mother! Staying anywhere in the world its always fun to have Our Maharashtrian dishes.
Sujata Naik
USA - Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 17:38:05

he site baghun ekdam aai cya jevnachi athvan zali......good job keep it up.....
Sanyukta Paranjape
Newark - DE - USA
Thursday, July 11, 2002

Dear sau.Samita, we go through your website regularely & for the past no.of days we have tasted some of them which you prepared,& liked them very much.I will send some recipes, which are good,in near future.please keep up the good work & all the best.bye,
Tujhya Sou. Sasubai-Sasre.

Ratnakar and Sarita Bhave <>

I loved your recipes. It is a great site and reminds me of Pune. I really missed making marathi food until I hit your site through google.

Pratibha Bachal <>
Seattle - WA, USA - Tuesday, June 25, 2002 at 18:19:17
We are four friends staying together and basic problem is cooking. So we take turns in a week to cook for a particular day. When my turn comes, then I need to rush to Mumbai-Masala for a simple and easy procedure to cook. This helps me lot and my friends are happy after having Maharashtrian food.....
Thanks .Mumbai -Masala

Milind Sonawane <>
Sunnyvale - CA, USA - Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 20:24:58
Wonderful sight know i know how is maharashtrian food is I neve been to bombay nor i knew. thanks
Vijesh Sharma <>
Nashvillet - TN, USA - Monday, May 20, 2002 at 01:19:38
Its a wonderful site. I have always loved Maharashtrian Cuisine a nd at last seemed to have found a site that would help me prepare some of m y favourite dishes
Hema Gaikwad <>
Muscat, Oman - Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 08:21:27
Hi, I found this site very useful.As people are forgetting how to prepare good food at home and going for readymades,this site will help to preserve the i dentity of our country of "maa ke haath ka khana"etc.etc>
Sushil Bharuka <>
Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 13:32:58
wonderful site. Majhya sarkhya kahee na yenarya pun kahee taree karoon pahayche aavad asnaryan satthi ter it is a treasure. Navra nakki khush honar ata. THANKS
Rashmi <>
Chicago, Illinois, USA - Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 11:58:44
Hi from Israel.
A very nice and interesting site. I tried the recipes for Puran Polis and Sheera. These turned out really fine. Pleased with your site, keep it up!
Elsie & Nissim. <>
Israel, Thursday, April 11, 2002 at 17:15:50
I was plased to see the site specially the receipes . It brings back the memory , when my marathi neighbhours used give me those haot and spicy dishes.
I miss them. But the receipes will serve me those happy memories. Good site . Keep it up.

Srikant Uchil <>
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - on Saturday, April 6, 2002 at 22:01:44
Dear Samita Tai,
My name is Savita Deshpande and presently i am living in Riyadh the capital city of Saudi Arabia.
Today on the day of Holi, i decided to make Puran Poli and obviously thought of making Kataachi Aaamati, but was not really sure of the recepie.
Through Comet search i could reach your site and could make the kataachi aamati.
Really while living in Bombay, within and among our own people, we never realise the importance of these cuisines, i mean we have our elders or relatives to guide, in case we dont know how to prepare them. But in my case, being away from all our own people, your web site has really made me feel like getting that word of advise, my mother or elders would have given to me
I sincerely appreciate your efforts and wish you all the best in your future endevours
Wishing you a very happy holi,
Best Regards
Savita Deshpande

Savita Deshpande" <>
Friday, 29 Mar 2002 at 08:57:31
Congratulations a nice internet site
Aruna Godboley <>
Dewas, MP, India - Wednesday, March 27, 2002 at 05:38:00

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